The most important thing you are expressing about yourself is your dream! Tell us what your passion is and whether you are currently living your dream, actively pursuing it, or just exploring the possibilities. Include some history or details about yourself if you like. The writing style in which you share your story makes no difference, it can be told in first person, third person, poetry, it can be funny or sad, you can even have someone interview you and submit it as an interview - whatever works best for you. But most importantly we want you to share what's in your heart as honestly and as openly as you can.

How to Submit Your Story

We publish submissions from people around the world who step up to share their talent, their desires, and their dreams with you. If you have a dream and you want to be share your personal story with the rest of the world - you can do it right here on Omebo!

If you want to be featured on Omebo, then follow the instructions below to make a submission for our "Expressions" section. Will give you and your story the royal treatment it deserves!


what we need



If you have photos, drawings, writings, artwork, insights, poetry, or anything else you want to share with us then send it over! But above all we need to have pics of you for the layout. A minimum of one picture is required, but send as many as you want - the more we have to choose from the better your layout will be. Also, if you have pictures of people, places, or things that are important to you or represent you're feelings, then send those as well and let us know what they're for and we will do our best to include them in your layout. Please send us good quality pics.

how to send it


Please make sure you stick to all the instructions listed below to avoid having your submission rejected because of technical issues. If you have any questions regarding the instructions, then email us first at







Your written text needs to be emailed to us as a word document.


All pictures must be in jpeg format.

Do not embed your pictures onto the email page, put them in a folder with your word document and send the folder as an attachment - or zip the folder - or send them as individual attachments in the same email.

Your email file should not exceed 20-25MB. If you have a lot of pictures that are very large then send them in separate emails (or zip it to reduce size), and make sure you include your full name in each email so we can coordinate multiple emails.

Please put your full name (first and last) in the "email subject heading" because this is how we will file your email.

Let us know if want your email address or facebook page published in your layout so readers can contact you. If so, please include your facebook page link - We will NOT publish your email or facebook page unless you request us to.

Email your submissions to :

Download a copy of these instructions

Use this link to download a copy of these instructions.

Disclaimer - Please understand that we can only publish a certain percentage of submissions - if we don't publish you one month we will try to use you in a future issue. However, we do reserve the right to decline any submission for publication for any reason at our own discretion. All final layouts in their final published format remain the copyright of Omebo but you will retain the copy rights of all your own material that you submit.

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